A Personalized Approach to Texas Legal Practice

We Take The Time To Understand Your Goals And Family Dynamics

Divorce, child custody disputes and other family related conflicts are highly emotional. Your attorney needs to do more than look at the legal facts of your case. You deserve a lawyer who will understand your personal situation and help you develop solutions that truly fit your family’s needs.

At the Law Office of Joshua P. Murray, PLLC, our family law lawyers are experienced with providing empathetic family law representation for clients throughout Central Texas.

We Will Help You Protect Your Family’s Future

The family law system can be confusing. Everything from divorce and post-decree modifications to adoption and paternity has a particular process that must be followed. With the help of our knowledgeable attorneys, you can do everything correctly the first time around and protect your family’s interests for the future.

It is important to develop solutions that are right for your family. Whether we pursue your goals through family law mediation or traditional litigation, we will provide the compassionate guidance you need regarding:

  • Divorce: We handle all issues that may arise during uncontested or contested divorces.
  • Division of property: The property and personal items that you and your spouse acquired during your marriage will be divided. We will help you protect your separate property such as gifts or inheritance.
  • Child custody and visitation: Your child deserves to spend time with both parents. We will help you reach a custody plan that meets your needs and protects your child’s best interests.
  • Spousal maintenance: Different from alimony, spousal maintenance can be provided for a certain period of time after divorce in limited situations.
  • Enforcement: When you need to enforce your custody or support orders, we will help you file a contempt action to protect your interests.
  • Modifications: When circumstances change, custody and support arrangements may need to be changed as well. We will help you obtain child custody or child support modifications if necessary.
  • Child Advocate representation: The attorneys in our office also represent children as attorney ad litems, guardian ad litems and amicus attorneys.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Options For Legal Representation

It can be difficult when it comes to choosing a law firm to help resolve your family-related disputes. You may have concerns about privacy, the time it will take to resolve your disputes, legal fees or attorney fees. At the Law Office of Joshua P. Murray, PLLC, our attorneys take the time with you to hear your story, so we can fully understand how challenging your situation and circumstances are. When we have a sense of your goals and your values, we can tailor a road map with your options for legal representation. Call 512-257-1010 or contact us online to schedule an appointment if you are struggling with a family law issue in the Central Texas area.