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Is Divorce or Family Law Mediation Right For You?

Family law mediation allows you to resolve a variety of disputes, from child custody to divorce and child support modifications. If you are looking for a more amicable way to resolve your legal problems, then mediation may be worth pursuing in your situation.

At the Law Office of Joshua P. Murray, PLLC, we have the experience and skill required to help you understand whether mediation is the right choice for you. We will dedicate ourselves to understanding your goals and helping you find the right solutions. Contact a Cedar Park divorce mediation attorney today to schedule your first appointment. We serve clients interested in mediation throughout the Central Texas area.

Certified Mediator Here to Mediate Your Legal Dispute

Attorney Joshua P. Murray has more than two decades of experience mediating disputes primarily in the area of family law. In addition to his experience, he has received special training in the field of mediation. He uses his experience and training to mediate disputes for unrepresented parties or for other lawyers who need mediation services. If you have questions about the mediation process, or if you would like to use mediation to efficiently resolve your legal issues, reach out to attorney Joshua P. Murray. He is here to help.

What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

The biggest benefit to family law mediation may be that the process allows you to be more creative in reaching an agreement. In court, a judge bases his or her decisions upon standards that have been set out under the law. Outside of court, your mediator can help you find ways to personally tailor resolutions to best fit your situation.

There are numerous other benefits to the mediation process, including:

  • The mediation process is less time-consuming than traditional litigation.
  • The process is generally less expensive.
  • The parties are more in control of the issues addressed and final agreed upon solutions.

Contact Our Law Firm For More Information About Mediation

Do not leave the future of your family up to the decision of a judge that does not truly know the individual complexities of your divorce and your family. Instead, call 512-257-1010 or contact us online to discuss whether mediation is right for you in your particular case.